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Alberta Garlic BBQ Ribs
These ribs are tender and cook quickly. The secret is in precooking. The sauce is great on both pork or beef ribs.
All-American Cross-Country Grill
This mixed grill with foods enjoyed across the country will entice friends and crown you King-of-the-Q! Cook all these great foods at once—Buffalo Wings, Kansas City Ribs, Louisiana Shrimp Skewers and Idaho Potato Skins.
Apple-Butter Lamb
Tasty, healthful, and incredibly easy way to serve lamb, pork, or chicken. The apple butter and fresh rosemary combine to accentuate the meat in a refreshing manner. Also, the ingredients are readily available and are easy to adapt to personal taste.
Apple-Cranberry Pork Chops
Abundance of sweet fall apples? To the grill!
This is an excellent recipe and one of my favourite ways to eat asparagus.
Asparagus and Apricot Cream Cheese Roll-Up
Asparagus rolled in a Black Forest ham slice with apricot is a great blend of flavors. A slight edge with the country style Dijon.
Asparagus Wrap
Great veggie side dish for chicken or meat.
Aunt Gert's Tasty Smoked Turkey
It's Thanksgiving in the US! Want a change from the normal turkey you've been eating for years? Visit Aunt Gert's backyard and see how she's been using her smoker box. Once you taste the juicy turkey at the table, you'll never quit.
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Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
This is not as difficult as it sounds and is well worth the effort.
Bacon-Wrapped Scallops
Welcome guests in with a rich, savory appetizer.
Baked Sage and Onion Bannock
Traditional Aboriginal bread that can be cooked in a variety of ways, but the BBQ is my favorite.
Barbecue Flank Steak
A great marinade sauce.
Barbecue Sauce
Barbecue Smoked Ribs
Ribs with hot barbecue sauce.
Barbecued Holiday Ham
This savory, smoked ham is a real treat to end the year and a delicious way to feed all your holiday guests.
Barbecued Port-Glazed Lamb
Lamb with a tasty port glaze. Unbeatable!
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Barbeque Chicken
You gotta try this! Even for folks that don't care for refried beans and black olives this is a hit!!!
Basil-Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms
Unique and delicious; just watch these magic little treats disappear!
BBQ Beef Ribs
Texas style bbq beef ribs. Great for picnics or any occasion. Expand the recipe to feed more.
BBQ Boston Butt
BBQ Chicken
This started as an old family recipe, but I've updated it over the years.
BBQ Frog Legs
These are excellent served with a light salad and a dip of your choice.
BBQ Pork Chops
Delicious, low-cal, marinated pork chops.
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BBQ Pork Tenderloin
Marinated pork tenderloin.
BBQ Salmon
Grilled dill and onion salmon.
BBQ Thai Strips
Great spicy kabob, can be used as a main course or for an appetizer.
BBQ Veggies
BBQ grilled vegetables.
BBQ Vermont Rack of Lamb
Succulent rack of lamb.
BBQ-Kissed Green Lip Mussels
You'll be surprised... These lips may be the sweetest you kiss all summer long!
Beef Rib Chili with Corn Bread
I renamed this to ZZ Chili, while working with the famous band. This may sound difficult but it is awesome. Serve with corn bread (recipe included).
Beef-Chicken Recipe
This is the best marinade you will ever make. It is great with chicken and with beef. Allow the meet to marinate for at least 6 hours.
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Beer Can Chicken
Whole chickens cooked with cans of beer.
Berry Delicious BBQ Cheesecake
Cheesecake in a pan.
Best BBQ Sauce
Easy to make BBQ sauce.
Big Dan's Super Burger Recipe
Simply awesome burgers that blend sausage, barbeque sauce and other goodies to set this recipe above your average backyard burgers.
Big Dan's Super Rib Recipe
Fire up the grill! Big Dan's sweet and spicy rib rub is sure to rub you the right way!
Blackberry Barbecued Ribs
This is a recipe my Grandmother came up with when she was trying to use up last year's canning. It was so good she made this every year and now I make it too. Ribs are very moist.
Blair's BBQ Pork Ribs
Very tender and tasty ribs
Blue Cheese Butter Steak
Rich, creamy and sharp, this dish is not for the faint of heart!
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Blue Cheese Venison Steak
Imagine a deep, rich, new flavor; if you have access to venison, you have to try this hunter's delight.
Bob's Chicken Gizzards
These delicious chicken gizzards are wrapped in foil along with fresh herbs, carrots, celery, onion, balsamic vinegar and wine and cooked slowly over a hot grill.
Boston Tea Party Shrimp
A delicious and patriotic way to kick-off your backyard BBQ or 4th of July party!
Bourbon Chicken
BBQ chicken recipe.
Cajun Onions
Cajun onions are great by themselves and even better when served on top of a nice ribeye steak or brats and burgers.
Cajun Shrimp
Spicy Cajun bacon-wrapped shrimp.
California Style Breasts
Poultry with a twist!
Camper's Apple Pie
This campfire-classic dessert is also perfect for summer dinner parties.
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Canada Day and 4th of July Patriot Burgers
Celebrate two of the world's greatest national holidays with a delicious variation on a favorite BBQ classic.
Canuck-Tex Pork Side Spareribs
Pork side spare ribs done on a gas grill with Canuck-Tex sauce.
Caribbean Chicken with Pineapple-Cantaloupe Salsa
Light, fresh and savory—a please-all dinner party favorite.
Cassidy's BBQ Sauce
This is a sweet BBQ sauce for lathering chicken or chicken wings or even cooking burgers.
Cast Iron Chicken
This is a flavorful chicken recipe that is quick to prepare and is always a hit.
Cathy's Kick in the Pants BBQ Ribs
This recipe, although a little time consuming, is easy and produces sensational, fall off the bone, juicy ribs. You will taste a layering effect that is truly palate pleasing.
Cedar Planked Shrimp
Skewers of tail-on shrimp, basted with garlic butter with a squeeze of lemon right on hand!
Cedar Smoked Salmon
This is a great BBQ recipe to use when entertaining friends or for a relaxing warm summer evening spent on the patio.
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Celebrate with Beer - Beer Burgers
Enjoy Responsibly!
Celebrate with Beer - Drunken Beer In A Chicken
Here is my favourite beer can chicken recipe. Enjoy responsibly and Celebrate with Beer!
Celebrate with Beer - Warm Potato Salad with Beer
This starter salad is perfect with other beer-based recipes.
Char Grilled Vegetables
A delicious variety of char-grilled vegetables. Makes a healthy starter.
Char-Grilled Mushrooms and Toast
Seasoned mushrooms on grilled toast grilled together.
Cheesiest Cheesy and Herb Pizza
Bring an Italian flavor to your grill with this multi cheese pizza.
Chesapeake Grilled Jumbo Shrimp
Serve these tasty shrimp by themselves, on a Caesar salad, or as a side to your favorite steak.
Chicken and Basil Pizza
This tasty appetizer will keep your guests satisfied until that main dish is done grilling!
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Chicken Parmigiana
Simple ingredients, simple recipe. If you like fried cheese you will love this! Use your best frying pan for this recipe (preferably not one that has teflon coating on it) on the grill.
Chicken Under a Brick (Pollo al Mattone)
Grilled whole chicken
Chicken-Stuffed Chilies
A hot, tart and savory dish for lovers of spice.
Chili Lime Corn on the Cob
Corn on the cob grilled in the husk with chili powder and lime.
Chili Peanut Ribs
Finger-smacking ribs you can't resist! This unique spicy recipe is sure to be one you'll try time and time again.
Chinese Style Grilled Sea Bass
Chipotle Spiked Burgers with Spicy Salsa
All-American burgers get a Mexican twist with smoky chipotle sauce and spicy salsa.
Citrus Swordfish
Delightful, flavorful and moist swordfish!
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Citrus-Maple Bacon Wrapped Scallop Skewers
The bacon around the scallops gives a nice crunch to the dish. Most of the ingredients you'll find right in your kitchen.
Coconut Rice Parcels
The perfect dessert to finish off your next oriental cuisine.
Crostini with Fresh Tomatoes, Basil, and Garlic
A perfectly grilled crostini topped with tomatoes, garlic, and basil.
Crown Roast
A pork crown roast so juicy after being cooked you'll swear you're a king.
Curry Mushroom Burgers
Burgers with a zing!
David Belman's Grilled Chicken
Grilled chicken.
Dawn's Dream Burgers
BBQ burgers.
Decadent Grilled Hazelnut Chocolate Sandwiches
There's always room for dessert, especially for this sweet chocolate treat—it's quick, easy, and appeals to kids and adults!
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Deep South Mustard Barbecue Sauce
A basting and serving sauce for any type of barbecued meat—or use as a dipping sauce.
Delicious Grilled Chicken
Rosemary and wine chicken.
Drunken Chicken
The juiciest chicken ever; you'll never cook another in the oven after having this.
Ears to Bacon!
Combine two favorites: roasted sweet corn and crisp bacon in a grilled side dish recipe that couldn't be any easier!
Easy BBQ Kielbasa
Very tasty!! Very easy!! Very quick!!
Easy New Year's Eve Party Pleasers
This great New Year's Eve BBQ party recipe keeps the preparation light and fast-paced. Have a HAPPY New Year!
Easy Pork Chops
A simple pork loin recipe.
Eggplant with Ricotta and Tomato Coulis
These eggplant starters are a visually pleasing and delicious accent to any meal.
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English Muffin Pies
Grilled English muffin pies with a fruit filling.
Erny's Spiced Apricot Chicken
Rotisserie chicken with apricot sauce.
Fall Grilled Pumpkin
The perfect warm side for a cool Autumn banquet.
Falling Off the Bone Ribs
Impress the guests by making these ribs as they fall off the bone.
Festive Smoked Turkey
Festive turkey for your next holiday party!
Finger Licking Ribs
These ribs are so delicious and one of my family's favorites.
Fish Burgers with Aioli
Liven up the BBQ with this tangy and eclectic spin on the 'same-old burger'...
Fixico's Beer Chicken
Sweet and a little spicy chicken thighs that literally fall off the bone.
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Flank Steak
A quick-grilling steak delight!
Fresh BBQ Sauce
A gourmet-level, all-purpose BBQ sauce recipe just in time for grill season!
Fresh Grilled Salmon
A simple dish, sweet and mellow with a touch of ginger.
Fresh Ham on the Grill
Grilled fresh ham. Take ham and insert small holes every 1/2 inch and place a whole clove in each hole. Liberally cover with lemon pepper. Set over night. Place ham on grill the following morning and depending on the size of the ham, cook for 8-10 hours.
Fresh Ham on the Grill
Grilled fresh ham.
Fresh Herb Chops
A summertime treat!
Fried Fish - Kentucky Style
Kentucky-style fried fish that is SO GOOD!!!
Game Day Grid-Iron Grill Platters
Keep the kitchen relatively clean this weekend by cooking everything you need to serve your party guests right on your gas grill!
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Gianna's Cheese Stuffed Burgers
Yummy grilled burgers with a surprise inside.
Glazed Grill Salmon Fillet
Sweet and spicy flavor. Serves 6 to 8.
Golden Glazed Grilled Chicken Breasts
A honey mustard and curry butter sauce glazed chicken breast prepared on the grill.
Greek Honey Lemon Chicken
An easy meal to satisfy your family's cravings.
Greek Zucchini Grill
Flavorful zucchini (use as appetizer or vegetable with meal).
Green Onion Cakes
This is a bread-like pancake that is made with green onions (scallions) and then fried to a golden brown.
Grill-Pressed Panini Sandwiches
Paper thin but loaded with goodies! Take your pick of meats, cheeses, spreads and veggies!
Grill-Roasted Rosemary Pork Loin
Deep-roasted, moist, seasoned pork—an excellent centerpiece for a family feast.
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Grill-Seared Duck with Plum Sauce
Tender, juicy and fantastically sweet.
Grill-Smoked Roast Pork Loin
Smoking imbues generously decadent flavor into this already succulent, seasoned dish.
Grill-Top Italian Sandwich
Your favorite carnival food cooked up in your own backyard!
Grilled Apple Stacks
A great fall or summertime treat, the crispness of the apples with the creamy filling is fantastic. What better way to finish up a great meal.
Grilled Apples
Easy baked apples.
Grilled Artichoke
Grilling artichokes produces a wonderful nutty flavor.
Grilled Artichoke Stuffed Chicken Breasts
This is a recipe I first tasted while living in Germany as a young adult. It was served to me in a classy restaurant.
Grilled BBQ Brats
Celebrate national holidays with a delicious and easy variation on a favorite backyard BBQ classic.
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Grilled Butterfly Chicken
Grilled Candied Yams
A grilled version of the classic Thanksgiving side dish—great year round.
Grilled Chicken with Chile-Lime Marinade
Boneless chicken breasts and thighs are marinated in a spicy citrus mixture, then grilled to perfection over hot coals.
Grilled Endive Salad with Golden Raisins
Replace your usual salad with a light starter that's fun to make and uniquely delicious.
Grilled Fennel
Grilled fennel & cheese, great starter or side dish.
Grilled Garlic Shrimp
Delicious grilled shrimp. Easy to do, but excellent in flavor.
Grilled Glazed Fruit Compote
Fresh fruit grilled and glazed with honey, ginger, and lemon then served with fresh mint and sweet coconut.
Grilled Honey Salmon
This grilled salmon recipe is sure to be a hit at your next party!
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Grilled Lamb Chops with Mint Cream Sauce
A refreshing, savory dish for two - perfect for a romantic evening.
Grilled Lamb Loin
This tender lamb loin recipe is the perfect addition to the summer grilling season.
Grilled Lamb with Port Glaze
Lamb is by far one of the greatest alternatives to beef. Sweet and succulent, especially with a port wine glaze. And grilled, it is out of this world.
Grilled Lime Chicken with Corn-Pepper Relish
Citrus accents give this barbecued dish layer after layer of delightfully explosive flavor!
Grilled Marinated Pork Tenderloin
Easy marinated pork tenderloin that even a novice can prepare.
Grilled Marsala Cantaloupe Balls
In the summer, my family loves to eat fresh cantaloupe. This is an easy Italian twist to one of our favorites!
Grilled Mediterranean Pizza
This delicious starter really showcases the versatile cooking power of the Vermont Castings gas grill.
Grilled Nectarines
A terrific combo of cheese and a sweet nectarine.
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Grilled Peanut Butter Smores
An excellent dessert or a great treat for the kids (big or small).
Grilled Pina Colada Parcels
Fruit is wrapped in foil and grilled.
Grilled Pineapple Topped with Ice Cream and Rum
Cool off this summer with an ice cream treat!
Grilled Potatoes
A wonderful blend of baked and sweet potatoes.
Grilled Pound Cake with Cayenne Peppered Peaches
Grilled pound cake topped with unexpectedly spicy grilled peaches and served up with cool vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. A quick and delicious dessert for your next backyard BBQ.
Grilled Red Potatoes
Golden brown with a nice little crispiness if desired.
Grilled Salmon
Here is a wonderful marinade and basting sauce for grilling salmon.
Grilled Salmon Steaks
A simple recipe with a simply delightful flavor. Marinade, grill, enjoy.
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Grilled Salmon with Sweet Maple Glaze
Salmon and vegetables grilled to perfection with a sweet maple glaze.
Grilled Salmon with Tarragon Reduction Glaze
Grilled Salmon always amazes. But the slight anise of the tarragon with the Marsala creates a dish that's simply out of this world.
Grilled Scallops with Grilled Zucchini and Eggplant
A delightful way to prepare fresh vegetables with seafood.
Grilled Strawberry Kebabs
Fabulous dessert to serve during 4th of July festivities!
Grilled Strawberry-Champagne Ice Cream Sundaes
Strawberries and champagne are such a great combination! This is the perfect ending on a hot summer night.
Grilled Summer Sandwiches
This bistro favorite boasts crisp texture and rich flavor. A great light meal for friends and family.
Grilled Summer Sandwiches!
A summer sandwich that is perfect for family and friends!
Grilled Sweet Potatoes
This is a quick dish that is tasty and loved by all.
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Grilled Swordfish with Gar-Di-Li Sauce
Grilled swordfish brushed with olive or wasabi oil topped with reduced garlic, (lemon or) lime, dill, sherry and butter sauce.
Grilled Tarragon Butter Chicken
A grill recipe that yields a surprisingly juicy chicken.
Grilled Teriyaki Tenderloins
Teriyaki glazed chicken tenderloins, wrapped in bacon, grilled on skewers.
Grilled Tilapia with Ginger Sauce
A great, simple recipe that also works well with other white, flaky fish, such as trout or striped bass.
Grilled Tuna Panini with Wasabi-Ginger Mayonnaise
A spicy summer sandwich full of flavor.
Grilled Tuna Steaks
Tuna steaks for 4.
Grilled Tuna Steaks
Grilled Tuna Teriyaki with Pepper and Fruit Kabobs
Fresh tuna is superb and nothing like the canned 'stuff' we're all used to. Grilled tuna is in a world of it's own. And when made with grilled vegetable kabobs, it's worth a party.
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Grilled Turkey Enchiladas
Give your Thanksgiving leftovers a spicy kick with these grilled enchiladas.
Grilled Vegetable Stir-Fry with Rouille Sauce
This is a great recipe for grilled veggies that can be served as a meal in itself or as a side dish.
Grilled Vegetables and Pasta
Grilled food.
Grilled Zucchini
Hamburger Patty - Variations
Intensify your hamburger experience. This is subtle flavouring. Even those who don't "like" horseradish or ginger will enjoy this surprising taste.
Herb-Infused Fish
Healthy and delicious, herb-infused fish is a barbecue must-try.
Herbed and Spiced Pork Loin
An exotic pork loin!
Herbed Inside Pork Roast
I wanted to make a boneless pork loin on the rotisserie and could not decide how to do it, so I made a combination of my two favorite ways and it worked well. The inside herbs are usually coated on the outside.
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Hot and Spicy Turkey Burgers
A great summer BBQ treat.
Hot Dog with BBQ
Cook hot dogs and pour on BBQ sauce.
Huli-Huli Chicken
Awesome Hawaiian grilled chicken.
Irish Steaks
Bring the flavor of St. Patrick's day to your grill with these marinated steaks.
Italian Chicken Voila
I discovered this while experimenting with herbs. My family scarfed up the chicken. I have to say it is simply fabulous, fresh and delicious!
Italian Hamburgers
Mini hamburgers are a great change from the ordinary!
Italiano Greek Steaks with Grilled Fresh Salsa
This is a delicious and easy way to grill steaks. The addition of the grilled pineapple and lemon in the salsa is the perfect accompaniment to the spicy-smoky flavor of the steak. The presentation is beautiful.
Jamaican Jerk Tilapia
Tart and spicy. The Caribbean vacation you never had. ;)
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Jamaican Triple Burgers with Jerk Sauce & Orange-Chipotle Mayonnaise
East meets South in these hefty burgers with plenty of heat but also sweet in the hint of fresh Florida oranges.
Java Pepper Steak
A flavorful way to BBQ steaks.
Jerk Marinated Chicken Breast Stuffed with Okra, Spinach and Bell Pepper
An easy and healthy meal for the working family.
Juicy BBQ Chicken
We eat skinless chicken and found this method of BBQ chicken helps maintain the moisture and gives a nice coating.
Killer Kabobs
BBQ tenderloin kabobs.
Lamb Chops with Maple Mustard
A wonderful marinade for BBQ lambchops.
Lemon Basil Steak and Prawns
It's surf and turf with a touch of class.
Lemon Dill Poach Grill
Combining the delicate cooking method of poaching, and the flavourful method of grilling all on your bar-b-q with this exquisite salmon dish.
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Lemon Garlic Tilapia
Tilapia is a very flavorful mild textured fish. Delicious and easy.
Lemon Spit-roasted Chickens
The next best thing to Thanksgiving dinner.
Lynchburg Special BBQ Sauce
A great version of the Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce. Great with beef, pork or chicken. Great to let flank or skirt steak, rib eye steaks, brisket or center cut pork chops, or chicken for that matter, marinate for 4 hours or more before grilling.
Mango Apple Curry Bar-B-Que Chicken
Custom marinated chicken finished with a mango curry apple grill sauce.
Margarita Chicken
Grilled chicken breast brought to life with the bold tastes of tequila and lime...
Margarita Grilled Cornish Hens
Very juicy tangy cornish hen dinner.
Marinated and Grilled Shell Steaks
Welcome back warm weather with master steak recipe, crown jewel of the backyard barbecue experience.
Marinated Dijon Steak
Melt In Your Mouth Tender Steaks
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Marinated Pork Chops with Onions and Mushrooms
Pork chops on the barbecue done this way taste as good, or better than, a steak.
Marinated Steak Tips with Smothered Sauteed Vegetables
Marinated steak tips grilled to your own wellness and added with sauteed vegetables.
Easy meat!
Melon Delight
Melons and mint sauce.
Melt In Your Mouth Steak
Marinated steaks.
Mesquite Rotisserie Chicken
This is a delicious Summer Chicken recipe that goes great with any side dish.
Mesquite-Grilled Chuck Eye Steaks
More and more lately I've discovered cuts of beef I wouldn't have noticed before prices went through the roof. This cut is my favorite, chuck eye. They're located right after expensive prime ribs and bring with them much of the same tenderness.
Miracle Sauce
This is a sauce to add to any grilled meats for a different taste, after removing from the grill.
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Mom's Flank Steak and Marinade
This is a delicious and quick marinade to make for flank steak. All the ingredients can be found in your pantry. The marinade only takes 15 minutes to make. The rest of the time required is for the meat to sit in the marinade.
Mop and Marinade Sauce
This sauce is excellent as a mopping sauce for ribs or as a marinade for pork or beef. It tenderizes while gently sweetening.
Mrs. Gray's Bar-B-Q Sauce
To be used as a topping for all kinds of grilled meat. No cooking of sauce is required.
My Secret Rib Recipe
Ribs, midwest style!
Northwoods Yardbird
Easy to make brine. Just mix it up the night before in a two (2) gallon ziplock freezer bag, add cut up chicken, and put in the fridge overnight. The meat will be tender, juicy and fall off the bone.
Onion and Parmesan Bread
This bread is a great side as well as a starter!
Orange Glazed Cornish Game Hens
Delicious and appealing glazed game hens.
Orange Salmon
Sweet and tangy salmon
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Oriental Chicken Kebabs
Perfect for your next party!
Oriental Pork Ribs
A sweet, spicy take on the BBQ classic.
Oysters & Mussels In Shells
Delight your friends with the ocean's tasty treats.
Pakistani Chicken Skewers
Simple to make when you don't have much time.
Pancetta Wrapped Rotisserie Pork Loin
This Italian bacon-wrapped roast remains tender and juicy due to the pancetta wrap and the drippings make a spectacular sauce.
Picnic Pork Roast
A blend of sweet & heat—nice and juicy and very tasty.
Pineapple - Sugar Grilled
This recipe is from
Pineapple Chili Sauce
Sweet and hot!
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Pineapple Slices
Get a fresh Pineapple,
Pleasant Surprise Chicken
Mozzarella stuffed chicken breast with a slight kick of heat.
Polynesian Pork Marinade
Did you know that you can make your own teriyaki sauce with pineapple juice and soy sauce? With the addition of a few more island ingredients, you can luau homestyle! Use on your favorite pork or beef for grilling.
Pork Sauce
Garlic white sauce for pork.
Portobello Pizza
Grilled portobello pizzas are low calorie, refreshing and tasty.
Potatoes and Onions
Wonderful side dish. Alternative to skillet fried potatoes and onions.
Poultry Brine
Brining will give you great flavor, the most moist birds you have ever had and will help protect against moisture loss when overcooked. Great on chicken or turkey. Brining times will vary by size of the bird being brined. A 12 lb turkey needs 12 hrs brining.
Quick Chicken Satay
Enhance your parties, in or outdoors, with these amazing, roasted skewers and rich sauce.
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Quick Dipping Sauce
This is a quick dipping sauce for chicken or whenever you need a dipping sauce.
Quick Shrimp
Shrimp with a little zing and flavour burst.
Red Potatoes on the Grill
This is for a great side item when doing any barbeque. Prep is easy, cooking is even easier. Everyone I have ever cooked this for loves it.
Red Skinned Potatoes
Red White and Blue 4th of July Burgers
Celebrate Independence Day with a tasty twist on this BBQ staple.
Reg's Grilled Scallops with Lime and Garlic Butter
This recipe enhances the flavour of the scallops rather than masking it like many others. I find it takes a bit of attention to get the timing right.
Ribs in Beer
This refreshing rib recipe is perfect for a Memorial Day cookout!
Rick's Tequila Lime Kabobs
Kabobs with steak, peppers, onion, pineapple, and lime slices. Marinated in a tequila lime sauce, the lime slices add a tangy flavor and juiciness to the cubes of steak.
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Riki's Recipe
A special marinade sauce.
Roasted Sweet Red Pepper Mayonnaise
A great variation on a mayonnaise dipping sauce.
Rosemary Grilled Potatoes
Delicious grilled potatoes and onions... quick and easy.
Rosemary's Filet Mignon
Don't bother with the expensive restaurant. With the gas grill you can sear a delicious Filet Mignon at home for a quarter of the price.
Rosti with Gravlax
A very unique dish that makes a tempting finger food for any cocktail party.
Sage and Pancetta Pizza
Not your typical pepperoni pizza! This gourmet appetizer can be enjoyed as a starter dish or as your entire meal.
Salmon Lemon Dill Sauce
This mayonnaise based sauce is perfect for fish cooked on your grill.
Salmon Marinated in Wine
This is a recipe that turned my kid on to the taste of fish! It is so good and healthy.
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Salsa Chicken
Chicken breasts with homemade salsa—yummy!
Scrumpty Shrimp
Grilled shrimp and baked potato.
Seafood Stir Fry
Shrimp and scallops.
Sesame Encrusted Tuna Steaks with Grilled Asparagus
Grilled tuna steaks with grilled asparagus and red pepper sauce.
Shrimp and Artichoke Dip
A hot dip or appetizer to serve with crackers or bread.
Shrimp on the Barbie
The easiest recipe in the world and the one my guests enjoy the most!
Simple Lemon Butter Salmon BBQ
Simple seafood dish to serve. Can use other seafood in lieu of salmon.
Sizzlin Salmon Steaks
Delicious, juicy, succulent salmon steaks.
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Smoked Pork Tenderloin
Pork tenderloins seasoned and fast grilled then slow smoked to perfection.
Smoked Salmon Fillet
Tasty smoked salmon on the grill!
Smokin South Grilled Chops
A tasty, Tex-Mex style chop recipe, no marinating required! Just baste them with this sauce and enjoy... a great company pleaser!
Smoky Sweet Peppers
Sweet peppers, onions, and mushrooms are slow cooked with garlic and spicy sausage to add some kick. Makes a great side dish too.
Smooth Tomatillo Salsa
A smooth salsa made with fresh tomatillos.
South Pacific Chicken Skewers
This is a great recipe for a party or a bbq gathering. I made this recipe for my parents' 50th Anniversary Luau and everyone absolutely loved the skewers.
Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad Topper
Treat salad lovers to a hearty, spicy main attraction that's easy to prepare.
Spiced Chicken Sandwiches
Delicious chicken sandwiches the whole family will love!
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Spiced Pork Loin Stuffed with Mosaic of Oven Dried Fruits
Delicately flavoured dish for serious pork lovers and cooks.
Spicy Summertime Burgers with Pico de Gallo
Delicious summertime hamburgers with a hint of spice. They taste delicious when cooked on your outdoor BBQ!
Steph's Apple Cider Injected Apple Wood Smoked and Apple Stuffed Roasted Chicken
Tasty Roasted Chicken smothered in Java rub and injected with apple slices in Java rub and apple cider. A fresh twist on a family favorite.
Steph's Bourbon Whiskey Ribs
A delicious full rack of ribs, marinated overnight in you your choice of dry rub. Wrap it up and marinate it some more in your choice of beer and BBQ sauce. Throw it on the grill on a beautiful summer day and enjoy.
Steph's Breakfast Grilled and Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
Juicy Portobello mushrooms stuffed with all your favorites, grilled up and ready to go in less then an hour.
Steph's Breakfast Peppers
Scrumptious peppers stuffed with mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and smoked brie cheese.
Steph's Cajun Rubbed Pork Spears
Yummy skewers of Pork Tenderloin, smoked in your favorite rub and marinated in the beer of your choice!
Steph's Caramelized Apple and Pine Nut Stuffed Pork Chops
Tasty stuffed apple and fig stuffed pork chops. A new twist on pork chops and apple sauce. A nice juicy pork chop stuffed with Vidalia onions, apples honey, pine nuts, salt and pepper.
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Steph's French Toast with Maple Smoked Grand Marnier Tossed Fresh Berries
Smoked berries tossed in Grand Marnier served on french toast and topped with smoked vanilla bean whipped cream. Served with whipped butter and maple syrup.
Steph's Grilled Bruschetta
Need a quick starter for your weekend BBQ? Throw together a fresh mixture of tomatoes, onions, cheese and spices, Along with a lightly oiled grilled baguette and there you have it. Quick and easy grilled Bruschetta.
Steph's Maple Smoked Bacon Wrapped Fig Stuffed Italian Sausage Bundles
Delicious little bundles of joy. Mini sausages stuffed with fig, wrapped in a piece of bacon and grilled to perfection.
Steph's Mediterranean Mushroom
Yummy Cremini Mushrooms stuffed with goat cheese, garlic, herbs and spices. Throw them on the grill and enjoy!
Steph's Mesquite Smoked Beef Filet Medallions with Horseradish Cream
This tasty treat is like a warm bruschetta only for meat lovers. Combine all you favorite bruschetta ingredients and add some juicy pieces of mesquite smoked beef filet and enjoy.
Steph's Samaruca
Whole salmon filets marinated in maple syrup, rum, and caraway seeds. Bake-smoked until salmon is pink and flaky and drizzled with warm marinade.
Steph's Stuffed Baby White Zucchini
A quick and easy favorite cooked all on the grill. Baby Zucchini's stuffed with grilled veggies and cheese, along with your favorite Mediterranean rub. It's sure to be a crowd pleaser.
Steph's Stuffed Steaks
Thick yummy strip loin steaks, stuffed with tons of mushrooms, fresh herbs and spices, cheese and red Spanish onions. Served hot and juicy right off the grill.
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Steph's Tequila Shot Shrimp
I new twist on the original shrimp cocktail. Marinated grilled shrimp placed in a shot glass lined with lemon and kosher salt and filled with very good quality tequila. Prepare yourself for tasty sensation.
Steve Lamb's Lamb
Seasoned leg or roast of lamb.
Strawberries and Pink Peppercorns
Fresh and Delicious smoked brie with sweet strawberries and pink peppercorns.
Stuffed Mushrooms
Core out mushroom body. Mix all ingredients together. Heat in skillet until combined. Chop finely the mushroom. Scoop all ingredients back into body of mushroom. Cover with piece of brie cheese.
Succulent Salmon
Indirect heat grilled salmon with veggies.
Summer Paella
A nice, unexpected change from all those burgers and steaks.
Sumptuous BBQ Rib Sauce
BBQ rib marinade and sauce.
Super Easy Chicken Skewers
Very easy recipe that everyone is sure to enjoy.
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Super Salmon
Restaurant class appearance will impress your friends, while you smile serenely at the simplicity. Blackened Salmon!
Sweet and Saucy Maple-Glazed Salmon Fillets
Salmon takes well to a strong marinade like this one. Salty and sweet all at the same time, it's complemented with an assortment of sauteed vegetables.
Sweet and Sour Barbecue Sauce
Succulent sweet and sour sauce.
Sweet and Tangy Orange Salmon Rub
This fast and easy rub will have you grilling with a burst of flavor in no time.
Sweet Rosemary Cutlets
A honey-seasoned cuisine by the best chef around: you!
Tabasco Flavored Lemon BBQ Chicken
Tammy's Version of a Lumsberger
The most flavorful hamburger you will ever lay your lips on!
Tandoori Cutlets
Mmmm. Tandoori Lamb.
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Tangy Orange Slaw
This fast and simple slaw is bursting with flavor and great with just about anything from the grill!
Taste Of Italy Burgers
A zesty burger that will satisfy the best!
Tasteful Onions
Grilled onion wrapped in a foil pouch.
Teriyaki Rib Steaks with Cucumber Sauce
The cool, crisp cucumber relish plays nicely against the rich teriyaki glaze. Other cuts of beef may be used, but this is the one my family likes best.
Teriyaki Salmon with Cabbage-Fennel Slaw
This is the only way that my 14-year-old son will eat salmon! The fish is easy to prepare, as is the accompanying salad. What more could you want for a summer meal?
Terry Chicken
Grilled chicken with tarragon.
Thai BBQ Chicken
A great low-carb Thai BBQ recipe.
Thai-Grilled Hot Spot Rainbow Trout
Almost fat free yogurt and soy based 'hot spot' preparation of grilled seafood, Thai style.
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The Best Grilled Peppers
Grilled red peppers with olive and walnut oil, may be served wrapped around asparagus.
The California Burger
This mellow West Coast griller is best complimented with warm red wine and a cool sunset.
Thousand Island Burgers
These burgers are great to prepare on the grill when it is too hot to cook indoors. It is a new twist to an old burger.
Turkish Style Eggplant
Twice-Grilled Chicken Burritos
A refreshing taste for summer, with just the right amount of spice.
Uncle Herb's Smoked Christmas Ham
Holidays are here and Uncle Herb has been eyeballing that gorgeous Vermont Castings bbq smoker out back. He could never settle for plain-old, reheated ham for dinner and neither should you!
Vegetable Bag
Mixed vegetables in a seasoned bag.
Vegetable Brochettes
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Vegetable Lamb Kebabs with Greek Marinade
Fun to make, easy to grill, and made-to-order, vegetable lamb kebabs are always a pleasure!
Veggie Boat
Grilled veggie boat.
Vidalia Onions
Grilled Vidalia onions.
Wasabi Oysters with Sweet Fennel
Grilled oysters brushed with wasabi butter and slices of fresh fennel marinated in sake, brown sugar and soy sauce.
West Coast Salmon
5 to 6 lb whole salmon (Coho or Chinook are best, but Spring is fine too).
White Corn with Chile Butter
Turn an old favorite side dish into a new favorite!
Winter Ale Chops
A savory winter dish that cooks up fast so you get back indoors as soon as possible!
Witches Talons
Spook your friends with this Halloween delight.
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Yam and Cashew Stuffed Chicken
Boneless chicken breast with a savory cashew and yam stuffing, finished with a tart cranberry glaze. A big hit every time I make it. Very simple to do and your friends will think you are a culinary genius.


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