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Poultry Brine

Brining will give you great flavor, the most moist birds you have ever had and will help protect against moisture loss when overcooked. Great on chicken or turkey. Brining times will vary by size of the bird being brined. A 12 lb turkey needs 12 hrs brining.

Prep Time
Easy to do
Cook Time
0 to 15 minutes



    1. put all the ingredients into a stock pot, bring to a rolling boil then simmer until the onion becomes soft. remove from the heat and cool.
    2. strain and cool to 38* in a non reactive container (plastic bucket) place your chicken or turkey in neck first. pour the cold brine into the body cavity and then over the bird until it is covered by an inch or two.
    3. after the bird has been brined for the desired time simply pat dry with a paper towel. season with a pepper blend, install roto or beer can style and cook to 180* in the thigh.


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